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Mastering any craft


The key to mastering any craft is through learning it completely. Though many individuals working within this industry are of different skillsets and levels of expertise, it is always helpful to learn more and improve upon what is already known.

This is where in-salon education comes in! We are committed to aiding in growth and to help our salon partners reach achievable goals. We begin by assessing what the needs are of each individual team, and then we recommend classes based on what direction they want to advance to next. This is not a one-stop shop, but an ongoing process between the salon team and multiple educators, who are able to provide the team with a variety of techniques. Not only does this promote growth, but also it has the ability to completely change the mindset of a team, and furthers connection being formed within the group. 

Everything learned can be used behind the chair, or in in the day to day business of running a successful salon!

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We are an ethical, professional company building relationships and business through education and experiences. We invite you to {BE} Inspired-Inspire-join our journey.

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