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evo education

integrity, innovation, simplicity and playfulness.



evo Education

at the heart of evo is a soft core of velvety values: integrity, innovation, simplicity and playfulness. we empower people to make informed choices by educating and inspiring them to think differently and uncover the truth: ‘saving ordinary humans from themselves’.

evo education helps salons meet our crisp standard of professionalism and dishes out the good stuff including:

• fundamental product how-to’s
• creative styling
• cutting techniques
• colour mixology
• editorial photography

Our sessions are designed to get you juiced up with practical yet imaginative techniques that can be used on the salon floor.

We help you be the best you can be. you’re the talent, we’re just the something extra that helps bring out the best bits… flavouring you, like your own personal hot sauce.

evo Educators

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We are an ethical, professional company building relationships and business through education and experiences. We invite you to {BE} Inspired-Inspire-join our journey.

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