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We are a team of hairdressers that share an equal passion for our craft as well as sharing knowledge with others. We believe that elevating others is the core to the success of our industry’s innovation and creativity. Though we work separately in different countries, states and provinces; we work as one in our common goal. Elevating.Others.

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  • In this one-day hands on class, you will be elevated in understanding the importance of primary disconnection and advanced color placement.
  • We will explore the what, when, why and how to use the techniques to have a complete understanding of the value of a proper analysis.
  • Additionally, you will learn multi-functional personalizing techniques with your shears and color placement to ensure each client has a custom look suited just for them. With real time training, you and the instructors will work through the look to understand each stage of the process.



In an ever-changing world of cutting and coloring, this program has been designed to assist artists in creating HARMONY between your cut and color.



  • This one-day in-depth salon training will focus on sharing fundamental knowledge on cutting curly hair on a live model as well as showcasing a free form painting technique that is unique to each curly hair type.
  • Focus will be on full-service care for your guest from the consultation, designing the right cut, color placement and finishing the total look. Styling will focus on the Davines Essential Love Curl family.


Essential Disconnection

  • Focusing on the 3 fundamental shapes, students will go through a journey of understanding shape and the multi-dimensional haircuts through disconnection.
  • Focusing on technique, theory and application, students will leave with problem solving methods for problematic growth patterns, a clear understanding when disconnection is to be used and why and have the skill set to create unique designs that create harmony between creative and client’s needs.


Essential Shapes

  • This 4 day in depth cutting program is designed to give students the why of cutting hair.
    Focusing on the 3 fundamental shapes, students will go through a journey of understanding shape and the multi dimensions that we can look at them.
  • Focusing on technique and theory, students will leave with a new view on how to work through haircuts methodically and feel confident in adapting these techniques into the salon experience.


Color Profiling

  • In this one-day elevation program, we will take you on an in-depth study of face shapes and bone structure.
  • Through a proper analysis, you will discover balancing the face through haircutting techniques, followed by free form coloring which compliments this theory. Bringing the technique of cutting and coloring together to create balance on each of your unique clients.


Freehand Color

  • Will give students new methods of freehand coloring, understanding placements and applications that can be used every day in the salon
  • Utilizes Century of Light system


Conceptual Color

  • Will take students through the journey of inspiration, testing formulas and application
  • Provides the tools to create totally unique concepts & color placements for your clients


Conceptual Cutting

  • Students will explore the journey of inspiration and application of ideas
  • Provides the tools to create totally unique haircuts for your clients


Tailored Sessions

Working with you, your sales associate and James Abu-Ulba we will create a truly unique class specifically for your team and their areas of opportunities

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