Formaldehyde-free smoothing treatments

Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, Cezanne treatments won't irritate the scalp or release any noxious gases. They strengthen the hair using a revolutionary low pH technology that restores bonds that are broken or damaged during thermal, mechanical or high pH services.

Our Promise

We at Cezanne know how important your health and hair are to you. We promise never to use harsh chemicals and have the documentation to prove it. Cezanne treatments are 100% formaldehyde-free. They're also free from other aldehydes, all toxins and any harmful ingredients, yet are as long-lasting as other formaldehyde keratin treatments in the same category.
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Smoothing Like No Other

With Cezanne, there’s no wait time for shampooing, exercise, styling and much more. You can style your hair how you wish following the treatment with NO RULES on the wait time. Cezanne is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and won't release any noxious gases. As a stylist or the client, we assure your safety without the need of gloves or ventilation.

Smooth Hair, Clean Air

Getting smooth hair shouldn't put your health at risk. Formaldehyde is a simple chemical compound of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. All life forms produce it as part of the normal metabolic process, but long-term exposure to formaldehyde increases the risk of cancer and death. Cezanne is formaldehyde-free because your health is important to us, like the health of your client is important to you.

A brand that gives you options

Enjoy the freedom to choose between sleek, smooth hair to locks of curls from one day to the next. Cezanne gives YOU the option of more manageable hair with the ability to choose your daily style. Enjoy styling in less time, regardless of your mood.


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