The Village

The Davines Village is built on almost 83,000 square feet and is surrounded by the “Green Kilometre,” a strip of trees and plants that protect the area from traveling emissions that come from the motorway close by. About 20% of the Village houses the complex where the brand operates: Research and Development laboratory, offices and training spaces, production plant, warehouse and a large central greenhouse used as a restaurant and co-working area. The other 80% is dedicated to green spaces including several types of gardens and an agricultural zone which will include an outdoor amphitheater. All which live and breathe the company’s focuses on sustainable energy, waste reduction, optimization of natural resources and saving non-renewable ones.

Davines Village, a tangible realization of the brand’s core value: sustainable beauty. Experience Davines Village by filling out the form below.

The Village Courses

Bootcamp 1.0 with Daniel Benoit and Isabelle Lachance at the Davines Village


This Boot Camp is 100% haircuts. These 3 days will change your career forever.

In the salon, we barley have time to analyze what could influence our final result. Changing your body position or techniques can have a big impact. After these 3 days, creating a haircut will be a perfect harmony between  creativity and a great structure.

The goal of this class is to give you a method of working and a higher level of knowledge in the beautiful world of haircuts. We will give you all the tools you need to create any haircut you want.


The goal of BootCamp 1.0  is to make you live an experience that will evolve your techniques by revisiting the basics of the cut and  increasing your comprehensions of cutting theory. This formation, 100% intended for the haircut, will change your method of work in a simple and effective way.


Color Mentoring Unique with Roch Lemay and Laura Luciani Davines Village


Discover a unique color journey, in the Davines Village that will elevate your professional skill, your knowledge and your color expertise.

With today’s changing clientele, Color Mentoring Unique encourages you to reflect on your working skills & why you do things in a certain way.

In this course, you will discover the Davines world of color; visit the R&D Labs and Test Salon. Davines scientists will share their knowledge and skills to help you master any hair coloring challenge, providing an understanding of what is inside of a color tube and how this knowledge can help you with every color you apply in the salon.

Color Mentoring Unique is set in a learning environment based on trust and respect; the mentor’s message is adapted to the learners’ needs. This type of setting is ideal to anchor your knowledge and elevate your expertise as a colorist.


· Elevate and adapt your color expertise for today’s new clientele
· Explore today’s in-salon hair coloring business
· Gain a better understanding of the science behind color and the products you use in the salon everyday
· Develop your unique color signature business to retain client loyalty


Fusion Design with Michael Polsinelli at the Davines Village


This is a seminar that explores the editorial world of hair fashion.

We explore the principals of line, shape and balance to create the perfect work of art. The intention of this course is to provide stylists with the motivation and artistic inspiration to step out of the salon and enter a world of pure exploration.

We see hair as a fibre waiting to be transformed into different textural mediums, as well as using metal, plastic, wood, etc. to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

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