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 Michael Polsinelli’s illustrious career spans over 20 years in which he has influenced thousands of hair professionals, served as a Global Art Director, created over 100 haircut, styling and avant-garde collections, and performed as a platform artist in countless events around the world. Michael’s exceptional talent and experience establishes him among the leading visionaries in the hair industry.

With an inclusive, comprehensive teaching approach, Michael empowers and motivates his fellow stylists. He shares his incomparable experience in a way that complements an individual’s learning style and invigorates the hair professional to then return behind the chair and inspire both their clients and colleagues alike.

“Davines and I share a passion and commitment to advancing hairdressers globally, to continue elevating our craft, and to encouraging sustainability in our industry through the best techniques and product results.”

Michael Polsinelli

Michael Polsinelli Courses

Blading Seminar

  • This seminar is for hairdressers that want to boost and expand their arsenal of cutting techniques.
  • The blade is a completely different approach to haircutting and this class will open up your mind to endless possibilities.


How to Create a Collection

  • This is an in-depth seminar about how to create your very own collection.
  • You will be able to use and adapt this information according to the type of collection you want to develop.
  • The material and format can be applied towards producing a haircut, color, styling or avant-garde collection.


F4 Fundamental Cutting

  • This course is developed to provide stylists with theoretic and core cutting concepts of the Fusion Cutting method.
  • We use classic shapes which have been redesigned to infuse stylists with excitement while using a different approach to cutting hair every day in the salon.



  • This seminar is our technical foundation developed to give a complete and in-depth understanding of each individual technique, displaying the unique movements of the blade, scissors and blending shears.
  • Participants will feel prepared and confident with their increase in technical knowledge from this workshop.


Cutting for the Edge with Color

  • This course aims to stimulate and unlock the day to day mindset from working in the salon.
  • We create an inspirational approach without losing the structural aspect of the haircut.

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