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Making visions come to life.


Events have played a significant role in making visions come to life. Each brand has their own unique visualization of how they want their company to be portrayed, as well as a specific style, flare, and a way of expressing who they are and what they represent. 

Being able to partake in the visualization of the creator will leave the audience at a loss for words and will allow the attendees to have a lot of “A HA” moments. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to learn of how the brand first began, and will follow their journey of how they got to where they are today; allowing the audience to gain a better understanding and deeper connection to the brand they are affiliated with. Guests will be directly impacted and inspired by learning how the techniques shown will elevate their creative capabilities and how these can then be utilized in their salon space. Attending these events also gives the participants an opportunity to have one on one conversation with other stylists from around the world, sharing ideas and information on what they know and love. The amount of knowledge to gain is endless, with the brand’s professionals more accessible than ever before.  

Through hosting these events, we aim to provide the audience with a memorable experience, and one that they won’t soon forget. Utilizing the history, knowledge, and insider techniques of the brand in your salon will give an upper hand in business strategizing, as well as with the creative magic that takes place behind the chair.   

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