Creating a common thread of heritage, ingenuity and inspiration with ARTIST + AGENT.

As our way of living evolves the only constant is our need for interaction and contact with our fellow human, which reminds us that to CO-CREATE is a way of building a stronger future by bringing together individual skills. This UNDERCURRENT & VIEWPOINT SECTION is to share skills to inspire dynamic ideas.

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SACHAJUAN Education &Current Trends Scroll Discover the current trends from around the world and to know how to break down these trends. Learn techniques to create these trends in your salon giving you the confidence to discuss and offer these ...
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Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business Our Sustainable Business Labs focus on smart ways to optimize your profits and ensure your business’s growth. With a variety of topics to select from, including Salon Optimization, Retail Science, Team Systems & Culture and Hiring & Recruiting, ...
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Concrete Education

Concrete Education Our mission is to provide our guests with an extraordinary experience through advanced education, creativity and passion. Team concrete is dedicated to paying attention to every detail of your experience. Our vision is to provide world-class service to ...
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The Village

The Village The Davines Village is built on almost 83,000 square feet and is surrounded by the “Green Kilometre,” a strip of trees and plants that protect the area from traveling emissions that come from the motorway close by. About ...
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Michael Polsinelli

Michael Polsinelli Davines Academy Education  Michael Polsinelli’s illustrious career spans over 20 years in which he has influenced thousands of hair professionals, served as a Global Art Director, created over 100 haircut, styling and avant-garde collections, and performed as a ...
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