Undercurrent 20-21

In pursuit of … meaning, connection & community.

Spirituality is concerned with perhaps the most fundamental part of being human…

Our spirit, that hard to define element that we cannot see or touch.

Spirituality is multifaceted embracing everything from Religion, to fresh interpretations of Humanity, based around

Wellbeing, Inclusivity, Empathy and Self Belief

Spirituality – A glossary

Astrology Atheism Belief Community Connection Faith Growth Healing Humanism

current words in spirituality Astrology – familiar popular belief that the alignment of celestial bodies, at birth and throughout life, has an influence on human outcomes.

Atheism – Atheists do not believe in God or Diety; the term translates to the absence of belief.

Belief – Is rooted in acceptance, with or without scientific proof; it is as much instinctive as evidence based.

Community – Members of community share common characteristics in terms of place or attitude, today community is less rooted in geography location and more defined by shared ideas and identities.

Connection – The forging of links and understanding-should perhaps be considered a fundamental human spiritual need

Connection – The forging of differences in people and communities. Connection with the human beings and nature, evolving with new ideas to be part of the bigger picture.

Faith – We are showcasing faith in higher beliefs, that in life there is resolution for situations. This type of faith that is in this undercurrent is not necessarily linked with religion.

Growth – Spiritual growth is in our realm as we are all being forced to have increased self awareness. We are deliberately nurturing individual personalities and values as our world has guided us in this ever-changing direction.

Healing – We are in the direction and flow of keeping the body fit and the mind nurtured. Realizing what makes us happy, to follow that path and, alleviate anxiety.

Humanism-Can we satisfy emotional needs without religion…this is being tested in the current times. Has humanity become better with pandemic life in understanding, respecting, being compassionate and logical. Or, has there been a backlash and a decline in our involvement as humans moving forward. DEEP…yes

Spirit of the Age

The search for meaning-consumers have become cynical about quick-fix solutions and are seeking to go deeper.

There is a renewed interest in connecting with the natural world, as “stuff”doesn’t make us happy.

Companies are recognizing that they need to focus on the welfare of employees, some even going as far as hiring CHIEF HAPPINESS OFFICERS


Members of newly created communities are using spiritual practices and, the exploration of nature to form new ideas that allow for well being rituals that in turn create meaning in everyday life.


Seeking a balance and state of heightened well being where what we are doing for ourselves is meaningful and with purpose.

Nurturing others with our ability to mentor, teaching by experiences and recommending products that assist in evolving or bringing the experiences to life.

Immersing oneself in positive energies to be able to pursue meaningful connections.

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