What is our Purpose?

{Be} Connected…our guiding principle at Metro, of Just {BE} sums up our passion of promoting the beauty of you. Our desire to partner with brands that work in a way that is respectful of people and the environment. In our home we marry fashion, beauty, design and sustainability. We aim to inspire through innovative beauty approaches that connect to who you are.

Our social purpose is one, that we have questioned and reflected on as we navigate through this forever changing time in our world. It is our commitment to remain united to a shared sense of identity, a shared sense of understanding, continued shared values of our team and valued partners. With a joined sense of purpose and with the strength of our individual creativity we can gain reciprocity to build the future together.

Style Curators with social Purpose on their Radar:

HELEN KIRKUM: The sneaker re-designer, whose up cycled materials are sources from areas in East London. The use of up cycled materials brings an entire story, history and authenticity to her designs. This designers intent is “to encourage people to hold on to things a little longer, to personalize and adapt things when they are worn out and to love and look after products.”

COLLINA STRADA: Designer Hillary Taymour is behind the label that is becoming a platform for social issues, awareness and change. Collections are created with low environmental impact and transparency in mind. To minimize her material footprint, Taymour chose to launch her S/S 2020 collection on the sidewalk at Stuyvesant Square Park in NYC. Fresh produce and flowers from LOCAL shops were used to dress a quiet residential street. The collection is composed of up cycled fabric, craft embellishment, patchwork, reclaimed plastic, beading and her own signature tie-dye.

RAEBURN STUDIO: The studio in East London shows how things could be. Through the lens of this designer there isn’t mere talk about sustainability; real responsibility is the key agenda. Design Decisions are guiding by 3 principles: reduce-impact and waste, remake-from surplus materials, recycle-through the use of refined technical fibre produced from pre-used plastics. Community Inspiration is at the core of the brand, supporting education and inspiration that in turn encourages a culture of thinking to saying “Yes to new Ideas.”

“We have a deep resource of incredible pieces that may have reached their limits in their current state, but picked apart, cleaned and cherished, they can become not only useful again but beautiful again.”

Helen Kirkum – Designer

Times they are changing and so are we for now.. create by:

  • Selling something new in the short term
  • Re think how you package your products and services by creating kit of necessity
  • Start Retailing
  • Promote Services & Features with social posts
  • Continue to offer contactless delivery for guests that require this service
  • Offer mini classes and Consultations online
  • Set ups an online store or welcome guests to shop your retail boutique by appointment.
  • Welcome clients to make pre purchases
  • Host online events to inspire clients
  • Create a Cloud Fashion/Hair Collection to re invent and connect
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