What is Social Purpose? A business with a social purpose is a company whose enduring reason for being is to create a better world. It is an engine for good, creating societal benefits by the very act of conducting business. Its growth is a positive force in society.

Social Purpose begins with the human element…an individual must feel compelled to change what he/she, them/they, are working towards for better. It is questioning “Everything now is around, How does it fit for Me? Noticing so many things about themselves and how they are living life in relationship with all that is around them. Perhaps, it is about wanting to be a part of something bigger, something that is purposeful, reaching a different level to gain a feeling of spiritual satisfaction one that is not based or connected to religion.


Most recently, in post covid dialogues during daily life, I was introduced to something extraordinary, you may think it is just another makeup line, a tangible….but it is not. All that arrives in our marketplace is driven by social purpose, social and economic trends around the world. Most, if not all undercurrents arrive this way. This is how and why CHEEKBONE BEAUTY arrived as a LOCAL CANADIAN BRAND in the marketplace. Making waves in the BEAUTY industry, as it is current with social purpose discussions of INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES. They are leading the path by creating BEAUTY with social purpose and ultimately have been spoken to as being SPIRITUAL LEADERS…pretty amazing, and oh so purposeful.

Check it out; www.cheekbonebeauty.com

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