A new terminology is out here. Luxury brands are looking to the cultural energy and business model of staying relevant.

Couture is being revisited to create quiet luxury that is a reframing of dress codes.

Diverse paths are creating strong contrasts, of a less is more directional look to one self.

We are the big players and influencers, making an impact on the shifts taking place in our communities.

Refinement is the primary message, reaching far for new details in ideas, and rejecting mediocrity to think intelligently about new choices we can offer.

Is it possible that thinking small can lead to big change?
Thinking small is the BIG IDEA.
Working within our marketplace to expand on small luxuries we would normally not focus on.

Weary and wary of the political and corporate climate, conscious consumers are seeking self sufficiency and local solutions. They are hungry for empowerment and knowledge rather than only endless new product.
Brands, both tangible and non need to start functioning as enablers, collaborating rather than dictating.

Some ideas to enable this collaborative forward view is to create spaces that unfold to translate information.


OUR GREEN SPACE showcase green tangibles and translate information.

THE MAKERY showcase handcrafted items that provide solution to everyday life.

OPENDESK a service providing conceirge services to provide solution driven tangibles

TOOLKIT how do you educate your team bring information to the guest for everyday ideas on how to be well.

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