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Artistic Direction for all hairdressers and beauty advocates.


Vidal Sassoon, creative visionary and icon to many, once said, “I just consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the sense that creativity came to me and it flowed”. This is precisely what we seek to provide our clients with, from the moment they walk through our doors.

-Metro Beauty Supply

The creation process has always been one of evolution and renewal. As a distributing and consulting house, we are dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of our clientele through continued leadership in brand assortment, as well as our commitment to education. We firmly believe that sharing knowledge is an essential factor in motivating the mind to think outside of the box and begin creating. This has been the foundation of our business since conception, and is something that will continue to stand by. 

With education as the cornerstone of professional talent, the idea of building an educational facility to accommodate educational programs came to life. In 1994, the Metro Academy was established, and a state of the art facility was unveiled years later, in 2008. This space is all encompassing of who we are and what we have to offer to the professional. Throughout the years, we have worked with iconic artists such as Tim Hartley, Angelo Seminara, Phillip Carreon, and many more who have paved the way for those within our industry. Teams from around the world have come to our facility to teach classes, including AllilON, Kaizen, Sally Rogerson, etc. We have incorporated seminars for stylists, beauty and wellness professionals, as well as owners and managers. Through conceptual and technical training, we have the ability to offer fresh and innovative ways to help partner with our clients to ensure quality of business.

“We look forward to journeying with you, our committed partners, in a professional industry that is continuously growing and evolving.”

Ways to Learn


Our academy was inspired to allow every artist a continuous path along the journey of growing his or her knowledge.


The key to mastering any craft is through learning it completely. This is where in-salon education comes in!


Our team is extremely passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, and we are here to help you set and meet goals in your journey of growth.


Utilizing the history, knowledge, and insider techniques of the brand in your salon will give an upper hand in business strategizing, as well as with the creative magic that takes place behind the chair.


International brands open doors to new ideologies, unleashing new potential within a visiting artist.

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We are an ethical, professional company building relationships and business through education and experiences. We invite you to {BE} Inspired-Inspire-join our journey.

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